Vocations Awareness Week 2014: Sr Agnes Dinh SPC


Vocations Awareness Week 2014: SPC
Sister Agnes Dinh SPC.

By Sr Agnes Dinh SPC, Catholic Outlook August 2014 Vocations Awareness Week

When I was a child I had witnessed, by chance, the harrowing death of my neighbour as she was about to give birth. Since then I had always wished to one day become a medical doctor.

After completing Year 12, I devoted all my time and energy into preparing for the medical school exams. My five good friends were doing the same thing but they also had thought of offering their lives to God.

Later, the boys joined a major seminary and the girls entered the convent of the Sisters of Saint Paul de Chartres. I was the only one left preparing for the exams.

One particular Sunday after Mass, my parish priest called me to the presbytery and smilingly said to me,

“Two of your friends had stayed with the Sisters … one lasted for a week, the other for a month … But for you, I have a deal! My bet is that you will not last more than three days in the convent. But, however, if you do stay, I will give you anything you wish!”

I answered immediately, “Are you very sure Father? You will give me … anything?”

“Yes,” he said, “anything I have.”

“Even your motorbike, yeah?” (I had been hoping to get one to ride to school every day.)

My parish priest agreed without hesitation

They took some convincing, but my parents finally agreed to let me stay with the Sisters in their convent for a ‘three-day trial’.

Sister Marie, an elderly Sister, accompanied me throughout those days. Sister was a tailor. On the first day I followed her around. Sometimes I sat with her to help undo the old clothes. She sewed and told me stories at the same time.

At prayer time, I followed her to the chapel like a robot, for my mind was preoccupied with lessons and studies, which I was trying to memorise for my coming exams.

That night, I was happy because one day had already passed and it was easy! I told myself that if it were like this for the next two days, I would certainly win the bet!

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